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School of Internationallaw office AfirsOur culty conduct and publish research that advances the worlds understanding of complex international issues, impacting both policy and practice. Explore by topic, culty member and date.

Fletchers Center for International Law and Governance A Chat with Professor Ian Johnstone

Fletcher Publication EconoFact Celebrates One Year Milestone

Professor of International Law Ian Johnstone sits down with Dean James Stavridis to discuss our new Center for International Law and Governance.Watch more

Check out Dean Stavridis blog, a source for news and information about the Fletcher community and its impact around the world.

MIB student Daiki Tajima better known as Taji has a passion for music. He recently returned from Japan after helping visually impaired artists from India perform on the TV program, Song for Japan.Read more

The Politics of Peace Applying the principles of conflict intervention in the Middle East to US politics

One year ago, The Fletcher School launched EconoFact, a website and newsletter designed with the purpose of reintroducing cts and sound analysis into current national debates over economic and social policies. Beginning in January with six memos, EconoFact has now published its th memo.Read more

The Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy,Tufts University

Navy CourtsMartial are Possible in Fatal Ship Collisions Dean Stavridis Comments in The Washington Post

The Challenges Facing VP Pences Middle East Trip Fares Center Director Nadim Shehadi Weighs in

Fletcher launches remarkable careers across sectors private, public, nonprofit, and international organizations. The Office of Career Services is here to partner with our students to help find success.

The Power of Music Daiki Tajima Shares His Musical Journey

During Fletchers Religion, Law Diplomacy Conference, Dean Stavridis presented Sean Callahan F, President and CEO of Catholic Relief Services, with the Deans Medal, which honors people of extraordinary character who have also had significant impact in the international world.Read more

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Seoul is Going Overboard to Accommodate North Korea, Prof. Lee Tells CNBC

Alexia Latortue MA says her Fletcher education helped prepare her for her current job at the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development Fletcher was so interdisciplinary, so I think Im able to very quickly digest information from lots of different fields, structure it and connect the dots.Watch more

To circle the globe, youd have to travel nearly , milesor you could spend a day at The Fletcher School. If youre looking for an international afirs graduate experience that connects you to culty who are both scholars and field practitioners, a lifelong network of thought leaders and changemakers, and a dynamic student body dedicated to improving the global condition, look no further.Watch