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Chaitan is an associate lawyer as well as a lieutenant in the Royal Thai Navy.

Bor Gor Jor Ror Bangkok  Police Station  

Senior Legal Officer at RoiEt, Thailand Criminal Court    

Sanchai obtained his law degree from Ramkhamhaeng Universitys law school in .

Senior Legal Officer at Ubonratchathani, Thailand Criminal Court  

When you hire Garn Tuntasatityanond Associates you are getting an experienced criminal defense trial lawyer and barristerwho has the highest level of lawyer certification in Thailand.Only a barrister certification entitles a person to be a judge.A very, very, small percentage oflawyers in Thailandare barristers. This certification commands a great deal of respect. Judges recognize that a barrister is their peer and someone who could be sitting next to them next month as an associate judge. When you have a barrister representing you the arguments he presents in your case will be given more respect and consideration by the judges who consider him to be their peer. This can result in a greater chance for acquittal or dismissal.

Judge of Criminal Appeals Court Region    

With over years of experience, Sanchai has represented hundreds of people in the defense of criminal charges and in the defense and prosecution of civil cases.

Senior Legal Officer at Bangkok, Thailand Criminal Court    

Judge at PhachupKirikan Provincial Civil and Criminal Court

Garn Tuntasatityanond is supported by a team of competent associate attorneys and researchers.

During Chaitans tenure at Garn T Associates he has been assisting in the representation of Thai and foreign clients in both criminal and civil courts.

Judge at Surat Thani Provincial Civil and Criminal Court

Senior Legal Officer at Amnat Charoen, Thailand Childrens Court  

Garn Tuntasatityanond Associates work together efficiently and effectively to represent our clients to obtain the best possible result in the shortest period of time.

Chaitan has been involved with cases involving foreign defendants accused of ATM fraud, drug possession, drug distribution, bail violations, theft, contract violations, and immigration violations.

Bor Gor Dor Por Bangkok Police Station  

Tees work encompasses criminal defense attorney, civil prosecution attorney, civil defense attorney, and bail bondsman. He assists in the representation of clients who ce very serious charges including criminal cases where long prison terms apply and civil cases involving millions of Thai baht in damages.

Judge at Samut Prakarn Provincial Criminal Court 

Judge at Trang Southern Thailand Provincial Court

Vipavadee Bangkok Police Station  

Pasri Jareoen Bangkok Police Station  

Chalongkrung Bangkok Police Station  

Praratchawang Bangkok Police Station  

Thammasat University, Masters in Criminal Justice

Senior Legal Officer at BeTong, Thailand Civil Court   

Prachachen Bangkok Police Station  

Prachachen Bangkok Police Station