Trump Sics His Lawyers on Bannolawyers lettern

Trump proves over and over again just how inept he is, how dumb do you have to be to reveal all your dirty little secrets to a close ally and then fire that ally and expect them to keep your secrets? Trump has so little active brain matter left and what is active is most likely in the stages of dementia and Trump thinks that he can sue the publisher of a book for libel this is just way too funny. Nothing like having someone in Trumps innermost circle with first hand knowledge of what transpired to let all the dirty little secrets out. Trump only has himself to blame. I love it!

, said his former campaign manager has nothing to do with him or his presidency. In other developments

In this Feb. , file photo, President Trump and thenWhite House chief strategist Steve Bannon are seen in the State Dining Room of the White House. AP Photo/Evan Vucci, File

Trump st Since Nixon to Not Read Daily Intelligence Briefs

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Cousin Talks About Boy Suspected of Killing Family on New Years Eve

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Meghan Markle Doesnt Want Her Dad to Walk Her Down the Aisle

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Im glad bannon is gone, but how frickn stupid did trump have to be to have him in his administration in the first place. And lets not forget that we are still left with the FRAUD president and the SELLOUT republican party.

Flu Blamed For rd Child Death In New York City

Bannon says president is a great man

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If these allegations are true, Ryan Seacrest isnt who we thought he was all…


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Disneyland Gang Accused of Running Protection Racket

. Trumps lawyers have sent Bannon a ceaseanddesist letter, accusing him of violating a nondisclosure agreement by speaking to Wolff, theBBCreports. The letter warns that legal action is imminent because Bannon broke the agreement by disparaging statements and in some cases outright dematory statements to Mr. Wolff about Mr. Trump, his mily members, and the Company.

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Trump Will Release Classified Democratic Memo Soon


Just heard on the news that in response to Trumps demand that the publisher not release the book, the release date has been moved up to tomorrow. Now hes threatening lawsuits for slander and libel. Too funny.

Weehawken Joins Leonia In Closing Its Side Streets To Commuters


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Omarosa on White House Its Not Going to Be OK

Women Are Increasingly Turning to Violent Digital Lovers

Most Significant Encounter in Years for North, South Korea

Next in Line to Oversee Mueller Resigns to Work at Walmart

Brad Pitt Reportedly Uses His Birth Name When Hitting on Ladies

President Trumpslammed Steve Bannon as having lost his mindWednesdaybut instead of firing back at his former boss, Bannon described Trump as a great man. The former chief White House strategist declined to comment at length on Trumps remarks during his Breitbart News Tonight radio show Wednesday night,CNNreports. In response to a caller, Bannon said The president of the United States is a great man. You know, I support him day in and day out. In his blistering statement Wednesday, Trump, outraged over comments attributed to Bannon in upcoming Michael Wolff book

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Next on NewserColbert Billboard Has a Message for Trump

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Its Deemed Necessary Evil. Women Just Crushed It

Next in Line to Oversee Mueller Resigns to Work at Walmart


Tom Bradys Blue Bloods ex responds to his stunning Super Bowl loss

President Trump Blocks Release Of Democrats Memo On Russia Investigation

Woman Alleges Naked Photos Were Taken of Her in Operating Room

Eagles Quarterback Defends Hunting Photo Posted to Twitter

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Guy Who Tried to Shove Worker in Woodchipper Learns Fate

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Dems React as Trump Blocks Memo Hypocrisy at Its Worst

Koreas Something Poet Bridging History and Gender

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Officials Believe Family of Was Poisoned to Death on Vacation

yearold music mogul Quincy Jones claims to have dated Ivanka Trump

Trump Allegations Against Porter Very Sad

Man Under Fire John Kelly Takes Heat in Porter Scandal

Lawmaker, MeToo Advocate Under Investigation for Groping

Report Amazon Poised to Bite the Hand That Ships It