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Bueno felicidades Domenech Abogados por lo que habis logrado .. Gracias Rael!

Dear Christopher and Rael…….While I dont have any particularly pleasurable memories of the whole case, I do remember being utterly delighted with your services and the successful conclusion that you both engineered for me.

Hi Christopher, Thank you for the prompt and thorough response much appreciated.

Many thanks, you seem very efficient which is very reassuring

is a law firm based in Barcelona but operating throughout Spain and its islands. It comprises Spanish and English lawyers with a wealth of experience in property, business, mily and taxation law, as well as civil and criminal litigation … this site contains valuable information explained in plain English.

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Dear Christopher, Many thanks for all the arrangements made for Friday. Your colleagues looked after us brilliantly!

Domnech Abogados, Legal Advice In Spain and Christopher Lee wish to clarify that they never send unsolicited letters, emails or other communications concerning inheritances or sums supposedly due to the addressees. There have been a number of instances of such communications soliciting instructions from those addressed, bearing our logos and purportedly signed by lawyers in our office, but with lse email addresses and phone numbers. Such criminal activity has been reported to the police.

Thank you very much for your st and good answer, this is excellent service and communication.

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Your website is amazing and so easy to find pertinent information.

, in which you can find answers to all your legal queries involving Spain. Be it property, business, mily or inheritance concerns we are here to help.

Hurrah !! Great feeling Thank you, Christopher for all your guidance along the way.

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Thank you! Rael and his team did an excellent job representing me in court today.. Rael was aggressive and gentle at the appropriate times surrounded by all females in the court room. He made very clear arguments in short time and highlighted key points in the wash of information with great poise. Nick was also very helpful with a smooth and concise delivery in his interpreting and perfectly quiet voice, as I had a hard time keeping up with the st Spanish. Octavia was sweet, smart and a very supportive assistant by calming down my initial nervousness. Thank you to all for your efforts today please forward to Nick my appreciation!

From my point of view your recommendations helped a lot to reduce pressure .. and you provided us a way out of this situation. Looks like the support from you brought a break through. Thank you very much !……… The most complicated part was the switch to the spanish law and to find the right way how to deal with it. You showed this to us within such an incredible short time, which is just amazing.

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is an informative website created by the Spanish law firm

….. I would just like to say how much from the bottom of our hearts we have appreciated the diligent work you and your colleagues have done

Thank you for the quick response and thorough evaluation of my email and where we are with things..

may i thank you firstly for the ntastic way in which you have acted on my behalf..again thank you for everything you have done